Sunday, November 11, 2007

Assignment #8

Taiwan observes 1111 hiking day

The first 1111 National Hiking Day was observed yesterday, with over 15,000 people walking out of their homes to go hiking in suburb areas of 25 cities and counties around the nation.

Among the people who took part in the activity in Taipei were Yang Jong-her, minister of the Cabinet-level Sports Affairs Council and Chi Cheng, a veteran athlete and Asian Games silver medalist who has been actively promoting jogging and walking for decades.

The opening of the hike in Taipei kicked off at 9 a.m. Yang encouraged members of Taiwan's public to get more exercise, including hiking, which he said is the easiest form of exercise and probably the cheapest as well.

Hou said exercise is the best way of improving one's health and quality of life. He expressed his hope that the Taiwanese people will change their most-used greeting phrase, "Have you eaten yet?" to "Have you exercised yet?"

Chi said that walking 10,000 steps a day is the best health choice for today's busy people.

Around the country, over 1,000 people drawn to hike in a"green tunnel" in Kukeng, Yunlin County. They enjoyed walking in the fresh air over a 5-km route, which included country roads lining with big, old trees creating a "green tunnel," and amid green hilly areas sprawling across the southern agricultural county.

In Kaohsiung, some 10,000 people took part in the hiking activity -- walking around the scenic Cheng Ching Lake Park, which is a wide, sprawling tourist attraction with a hiking trail of about 6.5 km.

1. What do you do for exercise?
2. How can schools and the government promote good diet and exercise?
3. Why is this important enough to be in the news?

For the real article, visit the China Post


Anonymous said...

I usually go jogging.
Jogging is a good way to stay healthy and train physical strength.
And I often join in a long distance race in the school. (I'm not showing off.) I just raced a 1,500m running match. Hoo~ it's tired. ^^

For schools, I think the P.E classes will be enough. If the teacher takes the class seriously, it will be a good way to help students exercise.
However, some P.E teachers don't really care about what students do on their classes. The P.E class will end up with a chatting class for most girls.

In my elementary school, which my brother is studying in, has activities to encourage the students who get out of car at 200m from school and go to school on foots.

For goverment, there are many good ways to promote people exercise, such as holding a dancing activity which has stars to come and show. It will surely have a lot of people want to join in.
The other good way is give some benefit to some big companies. The big companies can give some prizes for the staffs who do exercise regularity.

Since modern people's health is getting worse, more and more people start to face this serious problem. There are all kinds of healthy food products in a normal store. The ways of releasing pressure have become very popular. Therefore,the news about health is certainly noticeable.
P.S. Wahaha~ I'm the first person who post a comment. How hard-woring I am!!

William said...

Recently I've been practicing jogging for 1.6km a day 'cause I have a 1.5km race in our school's field day. It's good to have a "hiking day", it makes people have more aspiration(←Am I using this word correctly?) to go hiking or exercise. And then, some related things may happen in schools or the government. This news is fun, and important also, 'cause it reminds the ones who read it remember to go exercise to make their bodies stronger and healthier.

*I was a bit surprised that Carrie was the first to leave a comment (and her comment is long). :) Where is Sandy?

Anonymous said...

Every Saturday I have soccer class.Every time we play for 2 or 2 and half hours.I really like to play soccer,my coach was came from South Africa.I had been playing for three years.Every year we will have test,like push up,running,jumping,jogging the ball,shooting.....So I had a lot of exercise(can joining
I don't know what else I can write, but I really like exercising.That is why my classmate call me Monkey(either Dorcas)

Anonymous said...

I usually play basketball early in the morning. It is great to exercise with flash air in the soft sunshine. On Saturday morning, when other people are still in bed, we are already jumping up and down on the basketball court. Most of people were still sleeping when we finished our play but we had been ready for the new day.

In school, P.E classes are enough for normal students but they are not enough for those students who like to do exercise. Schools should give us more free time to play sports. Schools can also have their further from classrooms, than people who like to go to cooperative stores should have to run or they won’t be able to be in the class on time.

Modern are usually too busy to take good care on what they have eaten and how often do they exercise, therefore, people are getting unhealthy. Bringing correct sense of health to the public will become important.