Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Assignment #4

Taiwanese supportive as Wang falters in playoffs

The nation's baseball fans were all frowns yesterday after a second straight disastrous performance by national hero Wang Chien-Ming.

The starting ace was chased from the do-or-die game against the Cleveland Indians after just three outs -- when he had already [allowed] the Indians to a 4-0 lead. They won 6-4 to bring New York's season to an end.

"I think Wang faltered today because he was under enormous pressure and he probably didn't have enough rest after a three-day break," said Richard Lin of the Chinese Taipei Amateur Baseball Association.

"There is no more hope for the Yankees," one fan wrote in an online forum, calling for Wang to quit the Major Leagues and return to pro baseball back in his homeland. "Let's welcome Wang home and give him a hug."

Yesterday's outing was the shortest start of Wang's US career.

"I feel so sad for Wang but I hope he can learn from his failures and better cope with pressure to become a great pitcher," another fan said in the online forum.

Despite his performance, some fans had encouraging words for the 27-year-old.

"You will always be the glory of Taiwan no matter how poorly you played this time," one of his online supporters wrote. "You just have to play harder next year."

1. What do you think of Wang Chien-Ming?
2. Is Wang's performance important to Taiwan?
3. Do you think he is a hero? What makes a hero?

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William said...

Well, Wang Chien-Ming is a quite a humble man. Although I'm not a fan of baseballs, but still I can see that through the media. His performance is really important for Taiwan because he is like a star of Taiwan. (Or maybe an ad for Taiwan, for others to know that Taiwan stands an important place in the world.)

He is a hero of Taiwan. He helps for the diplomacy of Taiwan in the world.