Monday, October 15, 2007

Assignment #5

Students protest `invasion of privacy'

The new student ID card is an invasion of privacy and should be banned from all high schools, a group of student activists said yesterday in Taipei. This started a campaign to protest the mandatory use of the radio frequency identification student cards required by Taipei City's Bureau of Education.

"The system is useless except to keep students under strict surveillance like convicts or animals," said Wang Hao-zheng.

Last month, the bureau began asking all high schools in the city to replace their traditional student ID cards with the new RFID system. A simple swipe of the RFID card can record a student's attendance as well as his or her spending habits. For a fee, the system can even send text messages to alert parents if their child is absent or tardy.

Parents and teachers can also download the student's recent activities, including what they bought at the cafeteria and what time they arrive at school.

The idea, the bureau said, was to reduce student's burden of having to carry a variety cards since the new card can be used as a library card, electronic wallet and a metro card.

Rebecca Lee said the new system, which cost NT$50 million to set up, is an extravagant waste of money. The money could be better spent elsewhere, such as on classroom lighting, rather than on a "useless system," she said.

A recent high school graduate surnamed Teng complained the system often makes mistakes and that he had received demerits for being tardy or absent even though he had been on time and was in class. Sometimes he ran late to class because he had to wait in line to swipe the card as there are not enough machines at the school. The new card is also more expensive than the old student ID, he said.


1. What do you think about this new system?

2. Would you want a similar card at your school?

3. What do you think is the real reason for the card?

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Anonymous said...

I think it'll be more convenient you don't need to bring lots of cards,but it is too expensive maybe it can just cost for 40NT.I would like to have that kind of card.It can be a library card, a electronic wallet....When you are in school just put some money in the card,then you can buy what you need.It's really cool.

William said...

If this new system works well, I think this is really a cool thing. It'll be pretty convenient if I have one. But there are disadvantages. The articles says that this new innovation makes mistakes. It won't be great if it makes mistakes 'cause the students who owns the card can get bad records, and that is REALLY a big problem for the students. I'd like to have one at my school if it works well. This new thing makes the students more convenient to carry things (cards). Hope this cool stuff will become better and better! :)

Anonymous said...

The card builds the connection between students and their parents. With this card, parents can take good care on their children and it also brings students more convenience, but most of the students don’t want their parents to know everything about their lives. It feels like your parents are placing you under surveillance and takes your freedom away. I don’t think it is a good idea for parents to stare at their children all the time. It will make students feel like they are not trusted by people. Sometimes, it could break students’ confidence. After all, we are already high school student, we should have abilities to take care of ourselves.